After an in-depth accountancy assessment the Dutch 'Raad voor de Financiële Betrouwbaarheid'
has awarded The Corts Foundation with a certification for financial reliability.

For more information on this Dutch financial institution, see http://www.stichting-rfb.nl/ (in Dutch)


Already the Corts Foundation was awarded the certification of ANBI.
This Dutch certification is issued by the Dutch tax office, meaning that sponsors can tax-free donate to the Foundation.


For more information about ANBI, see http://anbi.nl (in Dutch)

The boards of both the Christiaan Cornelis Corts Foundation and the Philippus Corts Foundation convened at the spring meeting in Amsterdam on March 31st 2014. The boards decided about the annual and financial reports of 2013. These will be published on this website as soon as possible.

TCF Board members secretary general Joan Snellen van Vollenhoven and treasurer Jos de Bruijn, together with TCF ICT advisor Marco Roling visited ANRI from March 1st until 10th 2014. During this visit several meetings were held. The Program Board and the Advisory Board both convened and discussed progress of the Dasa Project, including the Project Plan 2014- 2015 and the preparations of drafting a new Memorandum of Understanding.

Members of the Supervisory Board of the Senshi Sōsho project II met with a delegation of the TCF Board at the Leiden University Office Tokyo.

This office is located near the Ginza. In the display of one of the surrounding shops a horse was shown.

This horse represents the just started Chinese New Year and symbolizes the successful progress of our Senshi Sosho project.

We expect a hard copy release with an E-book- version to be published in the end of this year.

Tokyo 2014Jan



The Corts Foundation

is a Dutch non profit organization that uses the legacy of Kees Corts to perform history and archive projects concerning the former Dutch Indies, especially the period of the Dutch East India company, and end of the colonial period during World War II.





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