LUstudenten 6jun2017On June 6th 2017 four History students of Leiden University started checking and enhancing two digital datasets for access to the Dutch East India Company Archives of the National Archives of Indonesia. The work includes the recording of indexes of person and place names present in the so called Marginalia of the Daily Journals of the Castle of Batavia, and also document descriptions of the series Appendices to the Resolution Books.

The students are supported and guided by Alicia Schrikker and Lennert Bes, both teachers at Leiden University, and Marco Roling and Joan Snellen of The Corts Foundation. The students have the opportunity to get more acquainted with the archives of the Dutch East India Company and her large variety of documents, and also it is a good excercise in reading and interpreting 17th and 18th century texts. Later this year both these indexes will be published online on the website Sejarah-Nusantara.

Left to right: Lydia van Wijk, Hanna te Velde, Fenna Ytsma en Doreen van den Boogaart (Photo by Marco Roling)



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